Cedar Planks for Closet Moths

Cedar planks are a natural way to repel moths from your closet. The cedar wood contains natural oil that is a natural repellent for moths. When placed in your closet, the cedar planks will release this oil into the air, creating a barrier that will keep moths away.

Why do you need protection against moth infestations?

Clothing moths leave their larva in your closet, on your clothes. Especially, silk, wool, and cotton fabrics. Larva feeds on fabric to grow, leaving small holes on your clothes, that eventually become a bigger problem.

Why Cedar Planks are useful?  

Cedar planks are a safe and effective way to protect your clothes from moths. They are non-toxic and will not damage your fabrics and other valuable items. Cedar planks are also a more sustainable option than mothballs, which contain harmful chemicals.

To use cedar planks to repel moths, simply hang them in your closet. You can also place them on the floor, on shelves, or hangers. You may need to replace the cedar planks every few months, as the oil will eventually evaporate. See our e-book guide for more detailed on how to use Cedar planks. 

Here are some additional tips for preventing moth infestations:

Keep your closet clean and free of clutter.

Vacuum your closet regularly.

Store your clothes in airtight containers.

Wash your clothes before you put them away.

Inspect your clothes for signs of moth damage before you put them away.

Use closet moth traps with Cedar planks for ultimate protection.

By following these tips, you can help to keep your clothes safe from moths.

Benefits of Using Cedar Planks for Closet Moths

Cedar planks are a natural and non-toxic way to repel moths.

Cedar planks are safe to use around children and pets.

Cedar planks are a sustainable option that is better for the environment than mothballs.

Cedar planks are effective at repelling moths for several months.

Cedar planks can help to improve the smell of your closet. If you are looking for a safe, effective, and natural way to repel moths from your closet, cedar planks are a great option.

How to Care for Cedar Planks

Cedar planks are a low-maintenance product. To keep your cedar planks in good condition, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth every few months. You may also want to reapply cedar oil to the planks every few months to keep the scent strong. To save time from maintenance, we recommend replacing cedar planks with new ones every 3 months as they are a low-cost item to replace rather than maintain.

Artun Bekar