Why Our Dog Happy Needs You To Read This?

Hi, my name is Happy, I am our founder's best friend, favorite child, and the meaning of his life. Let me tell you what happened. I am one of the reasons Catcher Labs was founded so you can call me a co-founder. One early morning, my parents woke up to my strong cough and discomfort. They rushed me to the Emergency Vet, only to find out that I had chemical pneumonia that was caused by inhaling foreign substances. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be diagnosed early and treated before symptoms became more severe. I am fine now. When we got back home, my parents investigated the cause of my pneumonia. They found out that the local pest control company's chemical pest product treatment around and in our home was the cause. Since then, I forbid these guys to get anywhere near our territory. To make sure, anytime I see a person holding a chemical product, I bark fiercely. This was an awakening moment for my parents. My father went back to his desk and came back with Catcher Labs. Stay tuned! My next venture is to make him launch more products that are safe for the whole family. Much love and bark!