Cedar Planks | Non-Toxic Clothes Moth Repellent | 10 Planks

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☆ Find your clothes in your closet fresher than you left them with Catcher Labs Cedar Planks’ pleasant cedar smell.

☆ Catcher Labs cedar planks repel and deter closet moths, safeguarding clothes from infestation and damage. Our premium planks feature natural moth-repellent properties and oils guaranteed to protect your wardrobe.

☆ All Natural & Environmentally Friendly - Combats mustiness and moisture to prevent moths without any toxins, additives, or chemicals. Cedar Planks are 100% natural and safe for all children & pets and for all fabrics. 

☆ Alternative to Mothballs or Spray - Offers superior defense over mothballs, moth away, or sprays. Effective against common moths such as webbing moths, web-spinning moths, & case-making moths.

How Many Hangers Do I Need?

We recommend hanging 3 to 4 planks per closet each at a distance of at least 6 inches apart.

How Long Do Cedar Plank Hangers Last?

Cedar Planks can last up to 6 months but we recommend replacing them every 2-3 months to keep freshness in your closet.

How Do I Know If I Have Closet Moth Infestation?

To begin, closely examine your cherished woolen sweater or that exquisite silk scarf reserved for special occasions. Are you detecting any holes, thin areas, or indications of damage for which you are not responsible? These are unmistakable indicators of a clothing moth infestation.

Next, search for the presence of silken threads or tunnels. The larvae of these cunning creatures often construct protective cases around themselves, frequently leaving a trail of silk in their wake.

Take notice of any discoloration on your garments. Moths, particularly their larvae, can leave behind excrement that has the potential to result in staining.

Additionally, be vigilant for adult moths, as they are a clear indication of an infestation. However, they tend to be elusive, favoring darkness and hiding. Clothing moths are relatively small, measuring approximately half an inch in size, and possess wings with a golden hue. If you observe these winged individuals fluttering about your wardrobe or residence, it is imperative to take prompt action.

Lastly, pay attention to any odors. If your closet or the clothing within it begins to emit a musty scent, regrettably, you may be facing a moth issue.

How To Use?

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Goes well in your closet even if you don’t have any bugs.

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Where could clothing moths reside in my home?

Although clothing moths tend to conceal themselves in closets and drawers, they can also be located in attics, basements, storage spaces, containers, and other places. Finding clothing moths can be challenging because they prefer to hide within seams and pockets, so it's essential to be thorough in your search.

Are the planks 100% cedarwood?

Yes. Catcher Labs' Cedar Planks are made with 100% Eastern Red Cedar.

Will the cedar planks oil stain my clothes?

The Cedar Planks do not come with oil applied, they are not oily in nature. The cedar oil smell is naturally found in the wood and has no residue. Cedar Planks will not stain your clothing when placed near items in your closets or drawers.

Are there other benefits to having cedar planks in my home outside of moth prevention?

Absolutely! Cedar planks can contribute to refreshing indoor spaces, absorbing moisture to deter mildew growth, and simultaneously acting as a natural insect repellent.

Are cedar planks safe?

Yes. Cedar Planks are safe products if used as recommended and within common sense. Click here for more information on safety of Cedar Planks.